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Several times in the last two months I've had runs of 3-4 migraine-free days in a row. This never happened. Never. The new med we added to the mix in early summer seems to have helped.

Neither my doctor nor I is happy with the number of different drugs I'm taking. I suggested we start a slow taper off the one I hate worst, Lyrica, which steals my words and my brain and causes continuous weight gain, plus the exhaustion that keeps me from exercising much.

Well. Last night I had the worst migraine I've had in over a year, and the painkillers didn't work. Usually I take preventatives all the time and abortives in the event of a migraine, and the result is that migraines sap me but don't hurt a lot. Last night I was thinking over and over, "I wish I could die", for hours, and vomiting frequently. Today I'm still in pain, although bearable.

I think Lyrica stays in the granny box at its old dosage.
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  •  The hat workshop was satisfying and exhausting.   The hat frame I made is most becoming; I've covered the brim and today will start on the crown.  I arrived to discover I'd brought the foot pedal to the Bernina but not the power cord (!!!).  My kindly table-mate let me use her machine, which had lots of automatic features including dropping the presser foot only when you hit the foot pedal (I hated this!), automatically backstitching and cutting thread (cool) and going into a funk requiring a reboot when I hit millinery wire with the needle (!!!!).  It turned out to be an $11,000 machine -- with advanced embroidery features, admittedly.   At that price I can get a used car.  (huggles her 20-year-old Bernina)
  • Thai Silks in Los Altos is drastically cutting back on the range of fabrics they sell because customers aren't buying -- for instance, they're cutting back to black, white, and beige taffeta only. :(
  • Last month my son's video card died, the water heater died, and I had to make an emergency plumber call for a blocked sink and tub.
  • Yesterday the dryer turned out not to work (hoping this can be repaired), the cat brought a live lizard into the house, the tub was still not draining properly, and my son developed an ailment that needs doctor's attention on a weekday.  (We called the advice line to check.)  The plumber offers a 30-day guarantee on drain cleaning, so I'll be calling them tomorrow.
  • The Kim Kardashian game is as addictive as advertised.
  • Note to self:  Pretty people are more likely to post selfies than plain people.   The fact that all the selfies you see on your feed are pretty should not lead you to believe that you're a hag.
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  •  The cat is back home; the vet pulled 9 teeth and said he should go see an actual kitty dentist after he's healed up in 6-8 months.   She (the vet) said grimly that the teeth came out really easily, that for most of them there was hardly any root.   He's home, has performed the appropriate digestive functions, and is getting syringed morphine as needed and purring a lot.
  • Husband found and lit the pilot light on the oven.  Cancelled repair visit, hurray!
  • Comcast Internet keeps crashing, so scheduled a new repair visit for Sundahy, boo.
  • The World Cup announcer just shouted "They got it right!  They got it right! YAAAY".  He was responding to the ref's allowing the third of Mexico's goals, the first two of which were incorrectly called.
  • My reaction to the World Cup remains "pretty -- sometimes soggy --guys running around a lot".  I feel this is sufficient to have an informed opinion.
Net:  Number of repair visits constant, cat -9 teeth but + general mood.
What I am doing for the rest of today: NOTH (okay, dropping daughter at BART) ING.

Edit:  commentator "I think that Mexico realizes that having the ball is critical just now."  Good to know, good to know.
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 I have a bowl of cassoulet beans soaking.  Beans for supper tonight, lamb tomorrow.  Leftover duck from Saturday, beans from Sunday, and lamb from Monday spell cassoulet on Tuesday.   Hope the weather isn't scorching, but you never know.

Last week's wild-caught sourdough was paused in the fridge for a heat wave.   Now it's fed and out on the table getting reacquainted with cell division.   The remaining starter (God, I hate recipes which are "throw away all but 1/4 cup now") has been mixed with flour, yeast, and water by loving husband and will become sourdough-flavored bread for Sunday supper.

Other people's tensions and crises are temporarily in abeyance.  As a result, I made a migraine-specialist visit and got a haircut last week; this week I'll see the optometrist and make a physical-therapy appointment.

Time to sit down and write.   Life looks good.


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