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 My daughter got into a Masters of Social Work program.  Hurrah!

When my favorite local nursery, Roger Reynolds was closing three years ago, I went to their going-out-of-business sale.  One of the things I came home with was the wonderful red climbing rose Don Juan.   I had the gardeners put in a drip line to the side of the house, under our bedroom.  Then we had a three-year severe drought, during which I was too sick to garden.   The sprinkler system failed at least once, and a lot of our plants died.  I assumed Don Juan had died, but was afraid to check.  This morning I put on my rose-pruning gloves, trained the climbing Devoniensis  --also known as 'Victoria', 'Magnolia Rose', and, in Charleston, 'Tradd Street Rose'-- shoots onto the garden gate, did some hasty pruning of my two apple trees, and then was brave enough to venture into the alley on the side of the house.

Don Juan is in exuberant good health, covered with buds, and higher than my head.  Hurrah!  Must give thought to a permanent trellis, since Don Juan grows to 12-14 feet.  For once, I have a large plant in the right place: 12 feet will bring the blossoms just as high as our window.

This year's new rose -- I restrained myself -- is Lyda Rose, a variegated single rose with a wonderful fragrance that thrives in shade.  I've put it in the corner of the hedge and the fence.  It, too, is very happy.
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 I had noticed that my topiary rose was being very crudely pruned, all the flower heads snipped off.  I was feeling pretty cranky at the gardeners and thinking "What, are they using a hedge trimmer?"

Last night at supper, my son: "Last night I woke up with a nightmare that somebody was trying to get into my room.   Then I found out it was a male deer eating plants and knocking his horns on my window.

Me: Everybody needs to start closing the gate when they come into the house.

Son:  No good; when he finished eating, he jumped over the gate.

Our gate is under an 8-foot garden arch, which means that the deer was doing some precision jumping there.  I'll have to do something -- maybe tie a string with flags at 7' or something.


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